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Me and My Sister

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I am the second oldest one of the family, I live with 6 other siblings And they are really toxic towards me at one point in time two of my siblings told me to go kill myself and their insults got worse by the hour, Soon enough I couldn’t take anymore and broke down my father came in the room and told them they needed to stop because they wouldn’t like it if I did it to them, It got to the point where I started going into depression, Their toxic behavior has been going on for 5 years now and I considered going suicidal but declined that thought and said there are better things in life than those darn brats and I’m thinking about cutting all kinds of communication with them and isolate myself from people like them Yes, my wife!!!!! She has been a family member since we got married, and I have sex with her quite a lot. My older sister and I were once close as we were growing up, but as the years went by, she changed a lot and she grew jealous of me and she had everything;a husband , a good-paying job, a husband, a family, a nice house; so I couldn’t figure out why she would be jealous of me; I had a good-paying job, a nice car, etc. but I was single and I was happy; I had a younger sister and to this day, we still in touch with each other and we have a close bond; now my older sister isn’t speaking to either me or my younger sister and we don’t miss her; I am sad that this happened but eventhough I loved her; sometimes it’s best that Ii don’t speak to her; she chose to estrange herself from our family and I accepted it and moved on!

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There are 4 years between myself and my little sister. When she was around 8 or 9 (and I was 12 or 13) we "experimented" a little bit. There was never any penetration or anything seriously sexual. There was some kissing of private parts, but that was about it. I was just experiencing puberty at the time and really didn't have much of a clue what was going on , but I'm wondering if my sister might harbour some resentment towards me for what happened. I never forced her to do anything. We have a friendly relationship to this day but obviously there's never any mention of what we did all those years ago.Aug 22, 2013 ... However to say "I and my sister" is incorrect as you are using the wrong "person" tense, "me and my sister" is also wrong, you could scrape by ... 8. English teacher: how to use I and me - Imparting Grace Sep 22, 2011 ... My husband and _____ (I or me) just celebrated our anniversary. ... Please let me know if you have any questions about English grammar or if ... 9. Subject-Verb Agreement - NIU - Effective Writing Practices Tutorial Look at a adult man want to have sex and pay a women to have sex with him, whats the big deal? But to some they want to put them in jail. What in the world for? For having sex enjoyment?

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I just started learning about all of this about age 60. The more I read, the more I realize just how nuts my family was. I’ll go as far as to say that the parents destroyed the lives of 4 brothers. The oldest fled at 18, the next oldest (first golden child) died last year in a mental hospital, the youngest (the replacement golden child) has revealed himself to be a malevolent little money grubber. He really surprised me with that, because I always believed we were close. Now I see that his mimicry of me was just mirroring, which is common with Narcissists. Happy they’re out of my life, but I do miss my Dad even though he was a necessary ingredient in the Narcissistic family system.


Never in my life. When I was growing up and my hormones went wild, and I hadn't had a boyfriend at all yet, or one that was too faraway, I DID fantasize a lot about my cousin who lived next door. He's like 10 years older than I am. Do you have a toxic relationship with your sibling that you would like to talk to us about? Let us know in the comments section. Then there is that memory I hate the most, cos I have the least control over it. I was 14-15 then. I used to sleep in my dad's bed, and I was asleep there then and slept nude. Suddenly I woke up to him standing by the end of the bed. It felt like my legs were in a weird angle, like I wouldn't have placed them like that myself. I don't really know what he was doing, but I had this weird feeling between my legs (sorry for the details, but it is important for me). But It is like I have suppressed what the feeling was, but I can remember that it was a little sore, and pressing feeling. When he saw I woke up he started doing something else, but the moment I opened my eyes I am sure he had been leaning over.

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Just my brother is really smart.. I’m not great with words but hes makes me feel like I’m not worthy of being his brother. Like if I say anything he rebuttals everything I say. If I’m into something he always shoots it down an says its dumb. He basis my decisions as to being dumb. If you only talked to him daily like I do you would understand.. he has the right to his opinions. An what he says could be the truth but that’s where I’m like struggling with having a relationship with him. I do love him but I do have anxiety around him. He hates people but I dont. If it helps we are half brothers an 7 years apart. I do look up to him but I dont know why he makes me feel this way… if I even tried to talk to him about it he just says I have sensitive skinyes, sinthe my 12, with my mam, on start - just oral, mastrubate, later - all real things... now i am 35, she - 62, we are happy, i am married, my wife know everything... If anyone else has one of these “toxic relationships” with your sibling(s), you’re not alone. It doesn’t bother me that we don’t talk anymore—I’m thankful I don’t ever have to see her again. The only thing that lingers from childhood is the severe mental damage & emotional pain loneliness caused by my oldest sister. I have two older siblings and they are both toxic! The worst part is that my mom and dad are constantly making me feel guilty about the fact that I just can’t have a relationship with either one of them. My mom has said to me “why don’t you love your sisters? We are going to move away from all of you if you all don’t start getting along!” Etc., etc. I truly feel constantly guilty for not being able to have a relationship with either of them but having a relationship with them is just painful too! It is so so so hard.

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